Resident evil 2 remake

this is a topic for everyone who wants cheats for Resident Evil 2 remake

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I will be the first person to request the mods and cheats for Resident evil 2 remake

I’m sure there will be let’s wait till the game comes out.
Its a triple A game.
Still probably vote tho
The question should be WHOS gonna make it. STN or STINGERRR ?

The game comes out today I just don’t know which time

11 hours it says for me must be midnight

that is contradictory it says available 1/24 yet it says 11 hours , so im like is it available on the 24th or not lol

Hahah it’s silly mine says available the 25 th. 11 hours hahaha

Steam says 1/25 “Available: January 25”

I added the game to the voting list.

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Time releases

Have it preloaded


it’s released , Please someone make the trainer . Thank you

Ok well give some one some time. It mite take a couple hours to make
Looks like still need more votes !!

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