Resident evil 3 Remake

Hello I bought resident evil 3 remake from steram and have the following problem. I can’t cheat with resident evil 3 remake. so wemod does not recognize resident evil 3. when i start wemod it loads for too long it stands there playing and nothing happens. then he opens the window and loads on and on. I started wemod again and mine and the pc hangs up, so does not recognize re3 remake. if i start resident evil 3 remake without wemod then it works but with wemod i can’t play resident evil 3 remake. first started resident evil 3 reamake and then wemod and steam and wemod both hung up and I sat in front of a black screen, I am ctrl old and pressed. then there is resident evil 3 steam and wemod no reaction. or there was no reaction to re3 etc. you also have the problem with wemod. can someone help me

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