Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Oh…so unlock inventory slots.

I’ll see if its possible some other way (you unlock them after hours of gameplay, not easy to cheat that).

yep that’s what I meant max inventory slots. I’ve been busy last few days sorry for the miss-understanding

It’s not working for me. I don’t have a Antivirus and still Infinity is asking me to disable it. No cheats working, Infinity is showing notification to disable or off Antivirus and Anti-Malware but i have none in my pc. I need help.

@vendetta786 Steam or windows store version? What is the error code?

Error 9

Error 9 is a corrupted download error. Use icdv tool to flush infinity’s cache then try again

So you want me to use this tool directly while having Infinity installed in my pc or you want me to uninstall Infinity first and then run this tool?

No need to uninstall infinity, just close it, run the tool then run infinity.

And i am not sure which version i have because it’s cracked. And i am using Windows 8.1.

OK i am going to run this tool and let you know if it works. Thanks for your support.

I ran the tool, i choose the automatic setting of tool but a pop up came along saying " windows cannot find Infinity.Ink. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." so does it work or i have to do something else now?

I don’t know, you can tell by trying the trainer.

The tool does need admin permissions to delete “%APPDATA%\Daring Development”, it will fail otherwise. You can delete that folder yourself though.

Cheats are still not working. Now i am getting a notification that The cheats failed to download. Check your Internet connection and try temporarily disabling any firewalls or Antivirus software.

Do you have a firewall or something that blocks downloads? Maybe your connection is sucky/slow? That will do it. I dont know why trainer download fails for you, that is for you to figure out.

Do you get a cloudflare prompt when visiting the site? Can you delete %APPDATA%\Daring Development folder to see if the folder permissions are right.

I Ran the tool again and it started working now, thanks a lot. But only no reload cheat is working. No other cheat is working, just no reload is working. When i press f1 nothing happens, when i press f2 nothing happens but my brightness get decreased, when press f3 nothing happens but my brightness increases, when i press f4 nothing happens but my game got paused. Only f5 reacts to cheat and i hear a sound indicating cheat is active but when i press other buttons i don’t hear any sound.

I changed the alloted keys in Infinity settings to different keys and cheats are working. Thanks a lot for your help i appreciate it :grinning:

My cheats that I wanted for the game does not work at all.

Do they turn blue/make a beep?

yes they do but they don’t allow me to cheat.

If they stay blue, that means they are activated fine. Read trainer notes on how each cheat is used.

Which cheats aren’t working for you though?