Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Inf health still doesn’t work. I’m dead in 3 hits.

Okay. I can’t do anything unless i get my hands on the winstore version.

It sucks that they would change the game from steam version :s

@REPPiN You have no idea of the screaming i have done from jump scares lol, the game is so good though.

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I can give you my info. So you can figure it out.

same here for all the games that you need I actually have

Im using the Steam version, and Infinity keeps saying cheats cant be activated. I have tried to run as admin and still have the same issue. And yes I do have my anti virus disabled during this entire time.

@Deakstok Run this tool - ICDV2.bat - and do the delete cache folder option.

Then try the cheat. You can also try attaching to game after it has run.

So I tried every cheat listed here, and every time I activate a cheat, the game crashes. The game runs smoothly from the Xfinity client. I can run it with my scanner on or off. Still the same result. Any ideas why?

I’m not gonna lie one thing about that video that really ticks me off… The Resident Evil 7 Trainer text is off centre!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Are you using steam version?

PS: Its infinity, xfinity is something else

The Resident Evil 7 trainer has been updated!


  • Trainer now fully supports Windows 10 store version of Resident Evil 7 as well as Steam

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I keep getting this message even when I run Infinity as an Administrator.
My game Version is Windows 10 store

Windows apps can’t be run from exe. Launch the game first then attach infinity.

Did you select a custom installation path before we added Windows App support?

Yeah I did, but removed it using ICVD2 and tried again.

tried that too still same message.

Which message does it show when you press Start Game while the game is already running?

same message just tried right now

Hmmm, press ctrl+shift+d > console tab and see what message it gives about injecting.

Make sure your AV isn’t interfering. I just spent like an hour last night TVing a guy who had Norton installed that was blocking infinity when the product was even expired!. Antiviruses are nasty.

Nice mods! :blush: Maybe you could add one where all the weapons are in the chest in the first safe room at the start of the game. That could be neat. :+1: