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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


The “No Reload” and “Reset Item Box Opened” cheats no longer work after the recent patches and “Not a Hero” DLC. All other cheats still work.


nothing works for not a hero


On “Not a Hero”, Infinite Health code turns on but has no effect. Chris still takes damage. Infinite Health still works for the main game. “No Reload” does not work at all and fails to turn on for the Main Game and Not a Hero ever since the new patches came out.


we dont need infinite health, i used infinite items for professional mode on not a hero and finished it


Well yeah we don’t necessarily need cheats but we would like the option. Having Infinite Health is easier than using healing items.


I’ll fix it soon


I have the gold edition and these don’t work.

  1. Inf Health
  2. No Reload


can u do an infinite trump cards for 21? it would be so much better (survival+)




@STN, the no reload option doesn’t seem to get activated while clicking either the hotkey or the on button in the trainer. It goes to on for like a second and then instantly switches back to off. Infinite ammo seems to be working fine.


Steam version?




Ok might be a game update


why u not respond to me? if u cant do it then just say


Would you update the no reload option @STN? Thanks.


Is it possible to update this trainer to the latest version of the game? I noticed that the trainer doesn’t work with the Not A Hero DLC. If you have the time pls fix this! Thx :smiley:


I don’t think that this is gonna be updated anytime soon…


I don’t have the DLC and the trainer seems to work for vanilla version?


The trainer worked just fine before installing the “Not a Hero” DLC.


When I try to use a cheat my game crashes, any fixes? - Thanks in advance