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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


Ya a couple. Get steam version , disable your antivirus or add infinity to its list
The trainer does work i used about a week ago


Currently i have realised a bug in the trainer, whenever i choose the “Reset Item Box Opened” button it fails to reset my box opens, i have tried countless retries, restarts and even using the in-game toggle, but it never resets my item box opened stats.


Don’t know if this is even still up and working. But I’m having a problem. I have Re7 for Xbox play anywhere. So, I have the Windows store version. I’ve downloaded infinity but it doesn’t list my game. When I type it in it only brings up the steam version. I’ve tried to click/drop the icon and pick the game file, but either nothing happens or I get a “You don’t have permission to do this” or something like that error. Any info?


Well it is made for the steam version. Win store versions mostly need an own trainer made from scratch


Oh, ok. Well I seen where STN made a post about how the trainer was updated a while back and that it now fully supports the Windows Store Version of Re7. I guess they decided to revoke that.


It fully supports the windows store version of the game. If it’s not showing up for you then it’s an infinity error :woman_shrugging:


Oh never saw that sorry.
STN answered so there’s that


The cheats seem to work fine for the most part, main issue being that some indespensible items get duplicated upon picking them up, with the Pocket Knife being one of them.


HI! Im new to infinity community, I’m using the resident evil cheats because I was so frustrated with my self defenses… Works wonders, i am now able to blow the brains out of the zombies but somehow the save feature does not work anymore? Have I done something wrong with the engine? Pls. Help


Toggle unlimited items to off when placing items into boxAlways-1


@STN the trainer has stopped working with Windows store version


So, is it safe to say that the infinity mod don’t work anymore?


With the windows store version he said .Works fine for steam. Just played this like 2 weeks ago


Huh? Nobody said that and the trainer works fine.

Can’t say that about windows store, maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. All i remember is when i released the trainer, it used to work for both steam/winstore. Maybe infinity update changed it.

It’s a lot quicker for you to test it.


I will test it later on today and let you know.


Soo there are not a cheat for 21 mode?




So I can’t activate unlimited health or unlimited ammo. Activating them crashes my game every time. Not sure what the problem is. I’m currently right in the middle of the game.


Steam version?


Yes. I tried activating them at the main menu and it won’t crash until I load in, I’ve also activated them once I loaded in same thing. Could it be something in my inventory?