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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


This is for vanilla game, if you have DLC it wouldn’t work


I have a DLC, but I’m playing the main game. Guess I will either start a new game or reinstall the game. Thanks for your help


Any chance in a fix for the windows store version?


Not sure about that this is for steam version. Probably have a better chance buying the game from steam


can i play EU version with this trainer?


everytime I go to turn on the selected cheat it wont let me? im new to this im sorry is there something im doing wrong?


Is there a checkmark next play?


Yes this is and it’s a legit copy from steam as well

No Reload
No Reload function is not working. Whenever I turn on "No Reload" cheat, it then goes to off immediately! I purchased my RESIDENT EVIL VII game from Steam. Already installed the Version Guard. What seems to be the problem?


@STN I just wanted to add in with everyone else and say that the current version of Infinity does not recognize the Windows Store version of Resident Evil 7. Neither dragging and dropping the icon nor loading a directory seem to work.


“No Reload” has not been working since the last DLC came out (Not a Hero/End of Zoe).


I know this is super old, but the no reload option doesnt stay in the “ON” position when I select it. It goes right back to the “OFF” position.


I dont know bout you but some things wont work unless you have some , like ammo the unlimited ammo wont stay on unless you have ammo.


no working on windows store version.


is this going to be update for steam?


Game runs through Steam ok but goes to black screen through trainer. it’s not AV vs WeMod interference because i just gave Dishonored a workout with your trainer and no problems. I saw you mention starting the game first and ‘attaching’ the trainer afterward. how is that done? If I start the game and then start WeMod the PLAY button says PLAY not PLAYING. Any suggestions?

** Got it. Borderless Window


Just click on play after the game has started


OK thanks. I should have just tried that.


Same. No reload isn’t working.


Are y’all gonna try and fix for windows store edition? I was really hoping to try the trainers out since I finished the game.