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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


Just tried both, and “Easy Kills” doesn’t work. I’ve opened a new game, turned “Unlimited Health” on, as the mod requests, then turned easy kills on after being smacked a few times (unlimited health works), then tried hsooting. Nothing. No insta-kills.


So been a while since RE7(windows) ran on my machine without giving me an error, and i noticed the trainer no longer sees RE7 windows store version. when its running, I don’t see any change in the trainer that used to work on it. was windows version support just dropped or what?


trainer works like a charm on my RE 7(Steam), but only a few…

the option like :


those 2 options doesn’t work at all, can you fix it?
especially for RESET ITEM BOX OPENED if there is update for RE 7 trainer


are you opening the statistic menu to reset box opens? i made the mistake 2, then again could also just be broke


the no reload,the reset item box opened and stupid enemies don’t work for me. This trainer are broken


FIX the reset item box opened, that option don’t work



I was gonna give the “Infinity Ammo” cheat a go but when I try press F4, or F5 the cheat doesn’t work and it pops up with this


I have tried restarting the game and disabling anti virus and still no hope, but Inf Health works, Easy Kills, Stupid Enemies work.


So other cheats work except infinite ammo? I just want to clarify as that would be a really weird bug


No reload and ammo hasnt worked since the dlc came out


I don’t have the dlc. It is working for vanilla version


So there is no way of using it? Can I remove the DLC or something so it will work?


Also yes, far as I know all the other cheats work besides the ammo


Tried removing DLC from steam and still has that same error


Oh. Can it be voted for an update?


Shouldn’t even need a vote, should just be fixed or I will not use this service again…

This service is terrible, I ask how to fix it and is there any way to avoid it and I get no response back besides people asking questions and I answer them and still get (No) response back.

There is plenty of other services like this and if I don’t get my response or this fixed I will leave as I was thinking to purchase (Pro) but if the service is like this, then no way in hell I’ll be buying that lol… C’mon guys.


Games are updated based on popularity by voting. The ones that people use/vote for the most are updated first. There are A LOT of games we have trainers for which would take an enormous team to update all of them all the time, all while being free releases and pro being completely optional. We love our devs and won’t work them into the ground. Hopefully people vote for this trainer to be made including you :slight_smile: Have a good one!


There is actually no other service or app out there like this that is free.
Well thats how it works here. Trainers needing updates have to be voted on .
I wish i could say more to your comment but im not going too
Sorry we didnt get back to you in a couple seconds


Yeah I’m happy to pay for another service.


LOL and gta v doesn’t work, okay I had enough.


Well ok sorry you where unhappy so far. I can make excuses but that trainer maker hasnt been on for awhile some of his need to be updated he had some real life situations that caused him to not be able to fix them. STN has just said he is going to hopefully get around to fixing gta v when he has some time. Unfortunate the ones you tried need some attention.