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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


I don’t know why it shows mark of the ninja in the error code.
I have the game, but never tried to use the trainer on it.


That’s just a typical Infninity error in which it can’t find a DIR that was supposed to be there.
It’s searching for a steamapps folder which obviously wouldn’t be in the bin folder of the game


@chaotious Update infinity, a fix for that was released today.


Hey guys just wanted to say great trainer/cheats but I’m having trouble with a couple. Using the steam version, the easy kill doesn’t seem to work but that might just be me, the infinite ammo gives me 999 herbs while no reload gives me infinite ammo but everything else works. Thanks for the addition of the timer reset, been a fan of games that reward you for completion time but I lack the determination to speed run xD


I’ve finished the game on Madhouse mode thanks to you excellent service. I was not keen to play this game for its cheap shot jump scares and unexpected monster hits when it first came out. So I only decided to pay for the game because you guys already offered a trainer for this. Thanks!


@STN like @Sausagewolf has said easy kills(is EK supposed to be insta kill?) doesnt seem to work i dont know which of the others work proper since i have them all on all the time except for the time reset which i dont use at all i also dont use stupid enemies at all just to make sure it doesnt interfere with scripted events


I just wanted to update a bit here about my previous post. For the easy kills, does it only work on the hives? (when enabled, the outer layer of hives explodes and shows the center body) or is it supposed to work with the rest of the entities ?


im pretty certain its meant to be “easy kills” on all enemies in the game the hive are really easy to kill even without cheats 2 shots tops with a shotgun


That’s weird, the only things that happened when I turn the “Easy Kills” cheat on is that the outer layer on hives explodes and exposes the center and the damage is the same whenever it’s on or off to molded using both the handgun and shotgun aiming at different “weak” spots while playing on Normal.


aim only for the center of the head on molded thats where you will do the most damage once you get the .44 magnum if you hit them center of head its pretty much a instakill if u hit’em in the right spot in center of head later i will do another straight playthrough no breaks on madhouse
but yeah @STN could you please check on the easy kills please whenever you get the chance great trainer otherwise :sunglasses:


Awesome Trainer! It’d be great if there was a speed increase option, I saw somewhere where someone has made a cheat for increased speed, this would really be helpful for the people that want to speedrun this game the easy way. :sunglasses: Another cool feature would be an item editor / adder option, not sure if possible just tossing out that as a sugesstion. :slight_smile:


Easy kills affect certain enemies not all. This game is “weird” when it comes to kills, even if the enemies health is 0 they don’t die until you do some scripted way of killing them e.g blow to the head. And some bosses are like immune e.g that little bitch evelyn or something is untouchable, Mia/Jack gets affected in certain parts but not all (in the beginning she does). It’s so scripted, very annoying.

There’s another problem, the code routine for every enemy(non-boss ones) is different. I gave up trying to perfect it as no matter what i did some enemies just don’t die, their health didn’t matter. Up until the mother, it works perfect though then becomes spotty. The way i finished game was get a remote bomb (infinite items/ammo on), health on and just throw it enemies - boom dead.

I can try to add code to affect the little ones if you guys want? It would still be pretty random.


Thanks for the clarification! Didn’t know that the game was detailed down to that part, about the different code it’s up to you (and others who wants to request it) since like you said it’ll still be pretty random. Thanks for the hard work on the trainer by the way, would like to get into coding someday and stuff but no time unfortunately.


Hi can I make a request. Please can you make a reset items use and reset first aid use counter cheers :slight_smile:


Reset to what? 0?. You know you can disable the cheat then transfer it all to your strorage box.


yep it’s for an achievement. I need to complete the whole game using the Item box three times


Oh you mean the stats. Right, i thought it was called storage box lol.

I’ll try to find it, you can also use SAM to unlock achievements if you didn’t know.


Than you run into the of getting banned.


ok kool. This is Windows 10 store so SAM will not work there but good to know about SAM


Easy Kill and Stupid Enemy cant work. If would be kind if you can check it. Thanks.