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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


What about PlayStation 4 ?
How can I use this to cheat using PS4?
Help please!


Please please help me
I play re7 with PS4
How can I cheat?
Unlimited health is the most important thing for me now


PC only


How to deal with PS4 then?


You don’t at the moment. There’s a PS4 save editor releasing in March by a company called Cyber Gadget. It’ll be roughly 70USD though for a single license. It’s also quite likely that Sony will patch whatever exploit Cyber Gadget has found, so one’s 70dollar purchase could become useless quite quickly.


Throw it in trash or use a hammer to break it into a thousand pieces (most fun!)


Why u r making fun of my question?


Because its no dealing with PS4.
Its no cheats there.


Sorry not making fun, i just don’t like ps4.

Your question has been answered though, isn’t it?. PS4 is a console running on FreeBSD which is different than Windows - huge architectural differences. I don’t know how you got the idea that this trainer affected ps4.

We do mod xbox 360 though and have a tool called Horizon for it.


Nice, thank you for this.

Are there any plans to add a noclip/fly mode?


noclip is no reload unless you meant something else or I misunderstood


The term noclip comes from the early idsoftware games. Noclip isn’t no reload, it’s no collisions / allow you to walk through walls / etc


ok kool thank you for enlightening me :smiley:


Can we get max inventory?


Unlimited Items cheats is the same as max inventory


They could be asking for a cheat to unlock the additional inventory slots which I suppose could be helpful for holding more weapons without having to use the item storage box.


Oh…so unlock inventory slots.

I’ll see if its possible some other way (you unlock them after hours of gameplay, not easy to cheat that).


yep that’s what I meant max inventory slots. I’ve been busy last few days sorry for the miss-understanding


It’s not working for me. I don’t have a Antivirus and still Infinity is asking me to disable it. No cheats working, Infinity is showing notification to disable or off Antivirus and Anti-Malware but i have none in my pc. I need help.


@vendetta786 Steam or windows store version? What is the error code?