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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


Hey, I know this may seem random given the topic of the post, but can any tell me where the Resident Evil 7 windows store installation folder is? I’m asking this because Infinity (I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this or not) is not knowing where all of my game folders are. Its all fine for steam games, but, obviously, the windows store has a different installation location. So I was hoping that someone on this conversation could give the the installation folder for the game. If anyone does know, and can tell it too me, thank you very much. Have a good day everyone!


@TheDankCheater Right click on the Windows icon on the bottom left hand corner.
Select RUN
Copy and paste this C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
Look for F024294D.RESIDENTEVIL7biohazard_10.1.0.2_x64__8fty0by30jkny

But honestly if you were to use ICDV2 Rev. (1.9 KB)
it will clear your cache and login and Infinity should automatically find all your Windows Store games as @frank fixed this in a recent update


Okay! Thank you!


You’re welcome



First off, amazing trainer!! But this one isn’t working for me! I read the notes, opened Stats, activated it, and it didn’t reset to 0. However, the cheat automatically deactivates itself when i’m in the Stat menu after about a second. Anything I’m doing wrong? On the Win Store version if that helps at all.

I’ve also tried doing it before opening the stat menu, still no luck.


Hey all,

LOVING the trainer. Only issue I have is I can’t get the reset item box command to activate. Anyone have any tips?

I open stats, press the key, and hear the activator. and when doing it from the stat menu the cheat automatically disables itself after a second, but the stat isn’t resetting. Anyone else have any advice?


Might be better off creating a post in the official thread for the trainer ( Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer ) than creating a separate thread.



New to the forums.

Thank you!


The game must have updated. Is it only the stats cheat that’s not working?


Just that cheat, everything else is working fine. Not sure if its the Stat cheat because the RESET TIME one still works. But that one doesn’t instruct you to go to the Stat menu so I’m not sure. If it helps, I’m on version from the Windows Store.


So I was experiencing an issue with the game room where the bomb won’t leave my hand. Has anyone else experienced it? It’s preventing me from progressing.


Disable item/ammo cheat. You get more than one bomb from cheat.

Its hilarious to watch though


Not to bother, just wanted to check if it’s being looked into. If not no worries I’ll continue my playthrough normally but I have no issue waiting If a fix is coming.

Thanks for all you do.


Has anyone gotten the Stupid Enemies cheat to work?


So I think I found a bug. I’ve been using inf ammo and health playing on MadHouse and after getting the Red Mag. Card to enter Lucas party, walking through the hall to the main room to get out of the main house, Ethan suddenly walks in the air passing though walls and picking up the phone at the main room and that’s it, no conversation and the game just be like that forever and you can’t hang up the phone. I tried to disable cheats and go from a older save, thrown away itens that exceed the limit (like 20+ ammo, 3+ first aid, etc…) and now the phone rings at least, but still be like that forever. This never happened to me for the 4 times I beat the game, first time now after using the trainer.


^ that


Hahaa…good catch!


so this trainer only works if you’re playing Res Evil 7 on Steam ?


It works for both steam and windows store.


Thanks STN. I was doing something wrong. It’s working now. Good trainer !!