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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer


i an not able to brows re7 in my pc and its cracked


which folder should i pick


The main game folder


@STN “Stupid Enemies” not working


thanks for posting when I get a chance I’ll try to use it


I know ive been bugging you but I just posted on a few different places with no response. Could you make this timer cheat support jacks 55th bday dlc?


This would be great and extremely useful.


So i used the Infinity cheat, everything worked fine but there was one problem… all “quest” items (as i call them, the items neccessary to continue in the game) stayed in my inventory after use (e.g, the Ox Statuet you find after the first Jack fight or the Chainsaw in the second Jack fight) and i couldn’t drop them, so they are just sitting there in my inventory… same thing also happens with herbs and chemical fluids how i get 999 of them, like if you activated the “Infinite Items Cheat” but i didn’t, help? (and yes this made it so i couldn’t complete the game, for my inventory was clogged up with items i can’t remove)


Disable ammo cheat and discard them?


What i mean is they won’t give me the prompt to discard it, it’s greyed (AKA not letting me select the option), but i’ll try it and see if it works.


Never had this happen to me. I am sure there’s a way/workaround


Probably is to disable it before every puzzle, i’ll try that out, i’ll give an update if it works or not.


this works on the windows store version 2?




Alright so I have a bit of a odd situation I guess. I’ve turned all mods off and closed the trainer and I can’t get the fly swatter achievement, lady Baker keeps dying in one hit no matter what I do. Any suggestions would be of great help!


Alright i figured out my issue, the patch that was put through the other day for “End of Zoe” and “Not a Hero” caused my frozen state with the trainer. Next question i have is will this work with all 4 DLC?


The only way to know is to try it and see if it works !


I guess you got a point there. Not a Hero is free so i’ll give it a go on that, i’ll report back when i do. Edit: I can confirm that using the trainer with the Not a Hero DLC it has the opposite effects as intended.


would love an update on this. Only infinite ammo work for DLC content.


nibba update this