Resident Evil Revelations 2 Full Disk Problem

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I don’t know if its right place to start the discussion of my problem as we know Resident Evil Revelations 2 full disk version by iMARS is available for download i have downloaded it and what i see is that its only 5 minutes game… can any one know why this happens ? or what we have to do to play the full game ? my xbox360 is jtag/rgh i am playing it from external hard drive and also i cnt go online because my xbox360 will get banned any help Please? :cry::’(

did u download the rhg\jtag version , or just the game iso… from what I understand the emulator and cache files must be in the proper folders on the hdd… or your file maybe corrupt… go to and there should be a forum or tutorial on how to get them to work… goodluck…

The game is playing, his issue is that there is content (the actual game) locked. I assumed that his issue was that Capcom pulled a Sims type deal and made it so you need to apply an update to it.

watched a tutorial ,you cant just use game iso , he has to use xboxbackup creator to extract all data out of the iso into a new folder… name the folder after the game , … once extracted to new folder then plug your external in to pc and drag the new folder over to external… xex muneu will play the game from there , if you use free boot , locate the game on the hdd and copy it to the games folder.then go to settings , open content settings , manage game path , tick xbox360… should be 2 boxes to tic, then click change game path , locate the game which should be in your game folder , open the folder highlight the default xex and press y button now click the change path tab… once u do that then press x to save… now back all the out to the dashboard , scroll to my games and select… if all went well game will be there to play… freeboot gives u the option of getting the title update , u have to hook to internet though if that is the problem …hope this helped

also tons of videos on youtube on how its done…

Can you pm me the link of the video ???

Finally I got solution of this you have to unlock game by using 360 Content Manager… Still you don’t understand PM me i will guide you to right direction

i got that problem too! i downloaded the imars version as well. i extracted the iso with xbox image browser and copied those file to my hdd then i used mx360 to unlocked the dlc’s but still when i start the game i am only able to play the first 5 mins and in that game menu it isn’t say that u have any episode, still telling me to buy them. if anybody got tut for the installation pls post it up

I have the same problem. please tell me exatly what did you do?

anyone managed to work this?

Hi dude

I am facing the same problem. Could you please guide me how to unlock the episodes of resident evil revelation 2 using 360 content manager. Please mail me the guide on mail id

Yes it is working pm me if you need details :smile:

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Can you help i have same problem… I cant do pm because iam new user i dont know how to use this page… So can you just teach me here please

Can you teach me please… I need your help please

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