Resident Evil Revelations Inventory Editor

both saves are in the same place in the story, just inventory is different

first save has pistol equipped, then shotgun equipped, then rifle equipped

second save has shotgun equipped, then pistol equipped, then rifle equipped

in that order

hopefully this could help find where the location is for equipped weapons in the story

i will upload 2 more saves but this time the MP inventory will be different

this way someone could find what the id would be for a powerful magnum

Single Player.rar

2 more saves have the weapons that would be a good test for

both are the exact same in single player, but in raid mode (their multiplayer) i have changed the order of the weapons loaded into the inventory. this way you should be able to get the ID of both weapons, and swap their IDs for the ones in single player that you should be able to locate its location from the first 2 saves. the order of the weapons are titled on the folder of the save. if you could move the L. Hawk to single player that would be more than enough, but the G36 would also be a great add

i’ll get the stats for ammo in about an hour as well, which would help as well

if you need the default.xex post here that you need it and i will PM it to you

I need a save editor for this game, hopefully they will add it soon

The weapons are reset every chapter so it would be great to have a way to mod the inventory box, that way you will always have access to them

[/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE]Resident Evil Apocalipsis save editor

i’ve tried this and it doesn’t work well for me anyways