Resign and Rehash app for Mac?

I wqs wondering if there was an app for resign and rehashing for macs. Im desperate and I really want my save modded and I don’t have a PC, and I don’t want to spend money on a copy of windows just to mod my save. Any help is appreciated

I don’t think there is any Rehash and Resign application on mac… But you need to check out my Horizon on Mac Thread, it is full of useful information about how to run windows on mac and run Horizon on that.

Here is a link to the thread :smile::

There are two choices, ask someone from here to rehash and resign your save


“find” a copy of windows and use a virtual machine program to use it there. O_O

Yes, I’ve seen one before. I will try to link you. - Edited

LMFAO MENTAL: yeah but don’t I need to buy a copy of windows for your tut? Thanks for your help :smile:

Dcskill: I have no idea, I’m new to Xbox modding but isn’t the process of rehash and resigning is what puts the file onto you fat32 formatted USB? I can’t find a program to open my USB to get the save of. I thought that what’s rehash resigning is

Lolzors: omg thank youuuuuuuu

No. Rehashing and Resigning basically saves the changes you made to your file so it can work on your xbox.

Hey man it’s no problem :smiley:

I am writing my library in a few cross-platform languages. So I will have a little application soon too. Just thought I would add.


> Using a mac

dcskill: OH… well thanks for explaining. What I’m looking for is a program to open my USB so I can get my save off… I’ve watched a few vids of people modding skyrim, and they had to use a program to open the fat32 formatted usb. Like I’ve put my USB in my xbox, and it formatted, I put the save on, and when I plug it into my mac and open it, it has nothing in it, so I’ve been trying to find a program to open it. I’ve googled it, tried cross-over, etc. Its just a pain LOL.