Resources to learn to make trainers for complete beginners?

Hi, I’ve been using WeMod for a while now, just made an account today. I like the fact that you guys have a nice, tightly knit, community I was hoping some of the more experienced people here could help me out.

I’m a total beginner, at best I’m just an advanced user when it comes to computers, my knowledge goes as far as HTML/CSS and that’s it. I don’t know proper coding. I don’t know how to edit registry files or fancy stuff like that. I want to help you guys push out more trainers more often and if possible, even better.

Stuff like links and videos are preferred to books etc. though I wouldn’t mind a .pdf either.


I’m sure @STN may have some good resources for you!

One of the best ways I learnt to code was to just try and make something simple. A lot of programming comes from practical experience. I suggest what you do is look up via a code dictionary, a specific term. Then try and use that term in a part of a practical code. It all depends on the language you’re learning too.
What language are you attempting to learn?

Also in terms of learning to create basic trainers it may prove useful to attempt to use cheat engine or other memory manipulations tools to gain some understanding of the basics. Scripts or other tables on there can be taken apart so you can see how they have manipulated the game and also how they have started to gain the values. A lot of programming can come from there.

If you ever wanna talk about it aswell. Just hit me up.


You should look into assembly and how registries works as it plays a decent size role in being able to make good trainers. From there I would download cheat engine and a game called assault cube. AC is a standalone game that is like 46MB and can teach you the fundamentals. There are several tutorials out there this game so you can get an idea of where to start. It isn’t something you learn overnight and you will just have to stick with it.

Other things you will need to look into is reading and writing to and from memory. It is fairly simple for games without any anticheat as MS already has functions built into C++ for this.


I’m sorry bud I don’t know how wemod specifically makes their trainers and mods. I create stand alone programs. So I just love the community and would like to support them. I’d be quite interested to so I am able to assist but that’s only if I’m trusted XD

Each trainer developer has their own method of hacking a game. For example, STN relies on Cheat Engine to debug, scan memory, etc, whereas unknown_v2 doesn’t use it at all. The common denominator is that all the trainers are eventually ported to C++ and compiled and distributed as a DLL. I take the developer’s preferences very seriously because they’re the best at what they know. It wouldn’t make sense to force unknown_v2 to use Cheat Engine, or for STN to drop it completely.

Some trainers, like our BioShock one, are a mix of Cheat Engine-style auto assemble scripts and high-level C++ function hooks. So there’s no limitations other than the trainer has to run in the game’s process as a DLL. This could change in the future, however.

At this time we do not provide a public way of creating trainers for Infinity. Development is private, but we are open to new developers joining the team to share their talent :slight_smile:

Cheat Engine is a great place to start, but it is surely not the only means of game hacking.


Chris’s advice is spot-on.

Making a trainer for infinity is not that different from making a trainer. Like frank said, we use C++…some of our trainers are completely c++, others have assembly etc. So you should learn C++, i don’t know any great resources for that. I learned C first from a really old (circa 90s) book that was taught to my cousin in school that i don’t remember the name of anymore but i am pretty sure a quick Google and you can find ton of excellent books and tutorials(video) for it.

You said complete beginner so i think you are on the right path already. To get better is a matter of practice, learning assembly and overall, having a more thorough knowledge of computers when it comes to low-level hardware stuff because that is what you are going to be looking at all the time and messing with.

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i would also like to help make trainers since i have over 120 games in my library with only 10 suported but here is the catch i dont know how to code are there any recomands on how to deal with this and make trainers since this topic is last updated december 2016 i dont know if the info above is still relevent i know an app to learn code but i will need to start learning from the botum up

hey stn your name says retired trainer maker i wanna say thanks becouse i used some trainers you created and they were awsome so many thanks i love to play games with mods i know its not intended that way but i absolutly love it and many thanks since an lot of the first trainers on wemod i used were from you

Please make your own thread rather than necromancing dead ones which, as you said, may no longer be relevant. Necromancing threads is generally frowned upon in pretty much every corner of the internet. Thank you.

(PS - Start with Cheat Engine then work your way up to more advanced trainers. Plenty of guides and YouTube videos for it. :slight_smile: )