Revelation v5 (Advanced NBA 2k12, Gamesave sharer, tools)

Made By Joe
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We welcome you a great program name, Revelation. It a great advancing tools.

and More!

Thanks to:
XB36Hazard - Helping us with Fifa
Remix - Tools
Alex - Finding Uncapped Offset
Ranbir - Some NBA Offset Tools

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Once Again:Donation would be appreciated. Donate to: [EMAIL=“”]

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And I have the same opinion

Hey can you make a tutorial for the NBA 2K12 mod. Also, what does uncap player mean?

Why would you post about a modding program when we have horizon, This is just a " Wanna Be" Horizon, The losers even copied horizons style haha


OT: Just downloaded looks pretty nice. Having another tool just makes things better.

Thanks Joe.

Why not? Competition always makes you work harder and make your product better…

I wouldnt call it competition when they cant even come up with there own style

Who cares, it shouldn’t bother you. Horizon’s not the only mod tool out there. The more the merrier.

Not working for windows 7