Riders of Icarus

I was wondering if you guys could add support for the MMO game Riders of Icarus. So far I found Movement Speed, don’t know if anything else can be modded, but Movement speed is good enough :slight_smile:

There are 2 pointers I have for the Movement Speed, so the CT has both, only one is needed.

Here is the CT I made for it: http://speedy.sh/htFYk/Riders-of-Icarus.CT
Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/79214cb1cb5b7219761520dd7a819f3e0edcb9f88e070b1ddb88b37ac193723f/analysis/1471700864/

I find that 20.0 is a good speed to set it to, but some might find it too fast.

Are you playing this game OFFLINE, and does it have a solo, SINGLE player mode as well, because WEMOD doesn’t make trainers/cheats for MP, or online games ?

Edit: As this is an MMO, so don’t expect a trainer to be made for it…

This is an MMO it will not get a trainer WEMOD does not support online cheating

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