RimWorld(now on steam)

So RIMWORLD just came out on steam the other day and was wondering if we could get a trainer,

Unlimited Settler Health
Unlimited Settler Needs
Max Settler Stats
Max Settler Skills
Remove Negative Effects
Unlimited Carry Capacity

Can we get one @STN @REPPiN @unknown_v2 @STiNGERR

NOTE: From what I have seen this game updated maybe once a month before steam release as the creator only wants to push things through when they are ready

My God!, this game was released 3 years ago and it still says Early Access. How long will it take the devs to develop a game, an eternity?

I bet if i start learning game development now, i can develop a fully functional game in 3 years or way before that.

Ha ha, yea but I kinda like that the, 1 man Dev team?,developer believes in releasing features when they are ready not half done and very broken