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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


So if I don’t have DX12 will the problem persist? :o


Because, I don’t have a problem with game without Infinity. Problem comes when I try to use Infinity :smiley:


Ignore what @ptondo said. The trainer is made for Dx11
And the game does not need dx12 to play.
He’s misinformed.

Start the game first and load into the campaign. Then press play in Infinity


Okaay, I tried what you advised but the game just freezed when I pressed play in Infinity :confused: Then Windows told me that Program is not working :smiley:


Ya dammit your right it is dx11 i dont know why i was thinking it was the 12 i should not come on here when im tired !
@kajonrage sorry bout that. You dont need dx12 it is 11 !


Hi! First thanks!

But the fact is , the trainer is sucks. U put there the dates with the updates.

It would be simple, and better put there the game version number,the exe number like: 1.0675

Like this, its useless, if the game has 30 update, u have to try each of them one by one. It sucks


Not sure what your on about the game has never had an update since the trainer was made ?


u do not need dx12 dumb


u don’t need


same, game just freeze when i start infinity


That shouldn’t matter. Just choose any version and use it.


sucks the windows version isnt in the list anymore.


Not sure why. I’ll check it out




Thanks! Good to hear that.But thegame still freeze when i start infinity.

So, how these trainers works? I locate the exe, than the infinity get the proper one, and start the game?

In my case, the game doesn’t even start if i click the play. I have the20years celebr. version, 1.0767.2.

There is 16 update ,no idea when this version came out.And u said it shouldn’t matter which one i choose.
I dunno what is the problem, shouldi try all of them 1 by 1? thanks


The game version should be 1.0.813.4.
Try to start the game first , back out to desktop then click the play button on wemod
Do you have the steam version ?


i did, i’ve read the comments,i’ve tried, but the screen just frozen
not steam.but that doesn’t matter, one guy have the same issue with the latest steam version, so…


im interested just the jump cheat actually :slight_smile:


Ya those are my favorite super jump and speed. Well and ammo


now i fight in the Farcry 5, there is a bit more action, but sometimes boring like the 4 was