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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Oh alright but how do the skills work?


i cant be the only one here that wants the win10 supported…


No you are not


I was told the trainer will need to be made for the win10 version. I gave my info to STN.


Well for those who don’t know there is a windows store version.

fresh out of the oven


Got merged into this one. Depending on which version you’ve installed (steam/win store), infinity will automatically pick it up :smiley:


When I use my handgun. She keeps adding ammo to it. This is for the win version.

It seems to be working now.


Probably a bug with the no reload. It takes a while to load an infinite amount of bullets.


Thank you really appreciate the adding of the Windows Store Version.


Awsome work dude thank you for your time and for the update ! Works great for me thanks again getting ready to update my account !


Hey there! I have a suggestion that you could add for Rise of the Tomb Raider cheats. It would be cool to add no clip cheat and slow motion. Those would be fun to use :smiley: Love the app, keep it up :slight_smile:


Whenever I click play through Infinity it says, “an error has ocurred while loading imports, wrong DLL present.” How do I fix this???


Can you screenshot it?


Ide like to see these added for the Endurance mode.

Win10 & Steam

  1. Inf Hunger
  2. Inf Wormth
  3. Inf Skill Points


Hey there! I really like your work on the Trainer as i was looking a long time for a v. trainer and the internet just gives me nothing on that ^^
However i tried to activate the Hotkeys ingame but nothing happens, after that i changed the keys to other and still nothings going on?
I was worried if i am maybe doing something wrong?



Oh and it´s the Steam Version 1.0.770.1 sorry


Do they turn on and off or what happens?


Nope it doesn´t appear anything when i press the keys! I turned off Firewall and used the infinity as admin


Sometimes when i try to start the game with infinitys Play button also nothing happens…


I can confirm that the trainer does work , played this about 3 days ago so it’s not the trainer