Rise of the tomb raider not working?

So whenever I click on the real time mods for the game above ^ it always displays the message, “We ran into a problem loading this tool.” no matter how much I click try again or how many times I close and re-open Infinity, it never works. Help?

Can you screenshot the error? This error doesn’t even exist in v2?

Sorry for the long wait but, here you go!

That’s v1. They do not support it anymore. Use v2 instead.

You need to upgrade to v2 at this point. We are no longer support v1. You can download v2 here: https://www.wemod.com/infinity

Whenever I open infinity it says it is upgrading to v2, but when it actually launches it never does.

oh wait, nvm I ran as admin and it worked. Thanks for the help tho!