Risen 3 Titan Lords save editor?

Hello, i know there is two save editors out already but i was wondering if Horizon will becoming out with one ?

only reason i ask is because i know i can trust your guys program to be safe, hell been using it since it first came out. most of the single editors come up as Trojans i know some are not but they have the potential to be one and who wants that vulnerably on there computer.

got one more question since Xbox one is out will you guys stop making editor for Xbox 360 ?

Haven’t seen any new editors for a while.

I believe they are focusing on infinity (pc trainers) now and not so much on horizon.

well i hope they at least keep the Xbox 360 games that are still running and getting updates, editors running and working.

no mods comment or even a admin input, so you guys have no idea whats being worked on or if Horizon is still gonna come out with new editors like for Xbox one maybe editors for Ps4 whatever ? will we be seeing Xbox 360 editors still ?

Nice thing is that horizon is still relevant with the backwards compatibility because I think it pulls saves from your xbox 360 cloud saves which you could just get from a 360 mod then put back