Risk of ban if I use my live profile in a xbox slim rgh offline

I have a “new” xbox 360 slim with rgh, I already have a retail xbox 360 and xbox one, I was wondering that if there is any risk if I use my Xbox live profile in my Xbox with rgh? So I can get some achievements of some games And then come back to my retail console and play my original collection and live. Can I get banned for doing that?
I use only the original dashboard and play them in games on demand. All the homebrew is done with an offline account.

I use an usb pen to transport my live profile. RGH console is always offline. Am I doing it right? I do not want to be banned because my account / profile is very valuable to me.
I use my account / profile in my original (not modifica) Xbox one and Xbox 360 too, to play original Games and XBL.
Is There any Risk of ban if I use my live profile in an xbox slim rgh offline?

Thanks a lot

I’ve never had a problem doing that, I’ve done it when games have gotten leaked early and I’ve just ran through campaign to get chevvos

Just make sure you don’t go on xbl you’ll be sweet

Ok, thank you. How much time have you been doing it?

Agreed. Have one it many times for a very long time. You good. But watch what you have enabled if using dashlaunch. Dont want to unlocc online achieves offline.

Thanks, which are the ones I need to deactivate or take care of?

I can play games from other regions without risk, right? Or there are limitations there? thanks

I’ve been doing it for about two years and I’ve never had a problem.

Also I’ve never be fussed about the region of games either, I don’t think that matters tbf