Risk of getting banned on Forza Motorsports 4

Can someone tell me what I can do with the money and what not to do with the money in risk of getting banned? (How much money, xp, level. Can I spend online ect.)

search is your friend…but with forza or any mod there is ALWAYS a risk.

People say you still get banned to this day but I modded my old account a lot and then bought cars from my current account. Both accounts never got banned.

Any other help?

What do you need to know? I already said it. I am lucky and didn’t get banned but many other people have been banned.
Modding means taking risks. I hate hate people post “How much can I mod?”
There isn’t a limit. It all depends on whether they find you or not.
Mod it. If you get banned, deal with it

People modded 1000credits and got banned lol.
I did 500,000 and I’m banned.

It’s all about taking a chance.

Does it make a difference if your connected to live?

Thanks for the advice and info.
If there is any more that hasn’t been said please post!

When the game first came out their was a high ban risk, but I haven’t really seen any users being ban you could try it, but modding you always take the risk of being ban.

Ok, Risk of getting Banned with money: 1 in 100,000
Risk of Ban with level if Mod to Legitimate level: 1 in 1000
Risk of ban when mod a Illegitimate level: 1 in 2
Risk of Ban when mod legitimate XP: 1 in 10,000
Risk of Ban when Mod illegitimate XP: 1 in 10
Risk of Ban when Modding Money and Buying Unicorn Cars for 999,999,999: 1 in 10

This is roughly the ban rate i would suspect. Pretty safe considering how many people would actually mod forza 4.
Gives you an idea on what to mod anyway

Did you just make those stats up lol?

Ok, what happens if I mod money on a second account and then buy an expensive car not from the auction house and give the car to my main account. Is there a risk of getting banned on my main account or my second?

I modded my game with about 100million and i’ve sent 250 GTO’s and all sorts to friends and nothings happened.

I think the trick is to make the money you have look legit, need to alter other things like how long you’ve been playing, XP, how many race wins etc, make it look as legit as poss.

All this can be done in the forza 4 editor.

can u unlock paints n tuning sets on forza 4? n modding munny u should be ok i did this 100s of times. i have all 17 unicorn cars.

Super high!
I did 5 Million and unlocked ONE vinyl and bang, I was banned lol.

can u unlock paints n tuning set up on forza 4. n modding munny on forza u should be ok. i have done this 100s of times n i have all 17 unicorn cars.

5 millon n got banned was that right at the start of the game?

if u do that n sell ur self a car u shoud be ok that way. it will show up on ur stats then

ive modded the credits on a seperate account and just send 250 gtos to my main account and i havent been banned yet ive been doing it for a while. and ive unlocked over 100 designs and havent been banned just dont put them in your storefront, its simple really not a question that should be asked.

So what do you do after you mod your money? Turn the internet off and go on forza 4 and turn it back on?