Risk of Rain/Stardew Valley update

Double request in one, could you update the stardew cheat to work again and add a risk of rain trainer that works with the latest version.

for stardew valley post the update on the trainer thread. for the trainer request for a different game, have it as its own thread and add some options( just edit this one)

It’s been requested in the past :confused:

Any of those features would be great.

oh, in which case no point making a new request, if you haven’t maybe just comment on that saying you would like one too and maybe add a feature you might like to see in addition to what they have said


I see this for every trainer:

New User: "Can you make x?"
Regular: "Put the features you want in a list"
New User: “A, B and C”

The thread then dies.

Is there some sort of rule that asks that you make a feature list, or is this something you’re going by example off of? There’s no rule against just asking normally in a thread and regardless of the features requested, when you’re looking over every byte array for a game, you’re bound to run into some values that are interesting to change.

It doesn’t seem like there would be much work for this trainer either. There is a CE table with an aob scan for DD 06 B0 01 DD 1F 5F 5E. It’s probably just an outdated array for the new steam update. If someone could find the new byte array it would be very easy to make a trainer.

And I think starting a new thread after an update is more appropriate than resurrecting a thread that’s half a year old.

No rule, don’t worry about it.

The whole site will be redesigned with infinity v2.0 and that should allow us to better handle requests so we won’t have a lot of these dead threads like you mentioned.

I never said that it’s a rule, it is just Easier for the developers to know what options people want to see.