Rock Band 4(Next-Gen)

Much hype.
Such wow.
Very excite.

I’ve been craving a new rhythm game, and a new Rock Band. I’ve been hunting an old Xbox 360 and Rock Band/Guitar Hero set to actually play and now my prayers have been answered. Let’s hope they make good instruments, and actually push forward from the past and make this genre come back. Let’s not over-kill it this time!

Praying for some good rock songs and not crappy pop bands.

Ehhhhh I never really like Rock Band, I was always more of a Guitar Hero guy.

I just think the guitars suck for Rock Band and the song choice is mediocre.

Can not wait for this!

Was right into Rock Band & Guitar Hero years ago and one of my proudest achievements was beating Endless Mode on Rock Band 2 for Guitar, Bass and Vocals. Still have some of my Vocal scores saved;

Well it is Rock Band