Rocket League for Xbox One

Rocket League was released today (17th) for Xbox One. If you don’t know what Rocket League is, it’s “car soccer”. Or at least that’s my description of it every time. If you want more information look it up.

Basically Rocket League is my current addiction to replace my previous game addictions and it is one of the most fun games I have ever played. I have been playing over 40 hours a week on PC. You don’t have to do well at all to enjoy it though because it’s a blast no matter what- yet it has one of the highest skill caps I’ve ever seen.

Alright sorry for the rant. If you’d like someone to play with (I primarily play on PC) I will be on Xbox playing for at least the next 3 months until my Live or Gold or whatever the hell it is expires.

If you want get carried- er I mean play with me, post your Gamertag and I will add you.