Rocket League Tournament - Interest check

We are looking to setup some events and just need to do an interest check. Vote in poll for what you would play.

  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • Not Interested

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I don’t play much but it would be fun and get me on the game

I would like to add just for personal curiousness…
If you vote for a 2v2 tournament, how do you think the teams would best be created? Random pool? Pick yourselves?

Probably mixed/random double.

Can we ban certain people from entering, aka Chris and Travis? And probably better for random pool otherwise it would be stacked teams if 2 good people make a team.

Im new to this, but i think it would be cool yes.

Chris does not play. If it is a 2v2 tournament I would have a hard time justifying playing if most people who enter are new, considering I have over 750 hours played.
I’d like to play and have some fun with the community but I do not want to screw people out of any “fairness”. The winning team could play vs. my doubles partner and I just for fun lol.


I want to be on team with Travis pliz

That was my concern LOL. I know you’re good at it so it would be pretty shitty. But then if teams are chosen at random I have no problem with you being allowed to enter, cause then you may be paired up with someone that just sucks and have to carry them.

To be honest, I wouldn’t just go all-out on people anyways. I’ll just see how other people do for awhile before doing anything.
If there were to be prizes and I won, I wouldn’t take them anyways. I’d probably buy prizes myself for the other team I played. I’d just do it for a fun community event. Not competition.

There is a ranked mode for that :grinning:



Really would like to get more than 8 votes on this.