Rockstar 'urgently investigating' GTA Online account transfer issues

[/img]Rockstar is “urgently” investigating issues Grand Theft Auto Online players are having transferring account data from the last-gen versions of the game to the recently released Xbox One and PS4 editions.

The company said on the support section of its website that the problem is affecting some players who haven’t played GTA Online since 2013.

"We are urgently looking into an issue preventing character transfer and GTA Online login on accounts that haven’t played GTA Online since 2013.

“If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for your patience.”

The new-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V launched on Tuesday.

Xbox 360 and PS3 players should be able to transfer their GTA Online characters and progression to their choice of the Xbox One or PS4 versions of the game, or to the PC one when it releases in January.

The new-gen versions of GTA Online also support an increased player count of 30.

Rockstar said last week that the long-delayed GTA Online Heist missions will be introduced in the first update pushed out following the game’s Xbox One and PS4 release.


ROFL!!!..THIS QUOTE…"Rockstar said last week that the long-delayed GTA Online Heist missions will be introduced in the first update pushed out following the game’s Xbox One and PS4 release"
This another reason for heist to be delayed…again .

I got my online character just fine. So did my friend.

So did I, no problems whatsoever. I also got an unimaginable amount of money though.

I didn’t. At least I don’t think I did

I can’t get mine to work and I just spent like 2 hours downloading GTA. Oh well guess I didn’t really want to play anyways.

I heard if you hadn’t played GTA in month it will affect it. Also did you have problems with previous characters? My friend had his deleted and he can’t transfer his newer guy over.

No I never had an issue. I haven’t played GTA V since like November of last year though.

Yeah my friend said if you haven’t played since 2013 you’re gonna have a bad time

Haven’t played in months and mine was fine.

Same, I think it is more if you didn’t play since 2013

Do bans transfer over? lolol

I was on twitch and some Xbox 360 players were in the chat saying that they got a 1.18 update for GTA V last gen, but they didn’t see any changes…

Looks like the next update won’t have heists then…

Just gonna mod my money and my garage and then transfer over yolo

The modded money doesn’t transfer over. At least it didn’t for me.

i didnt get no money but did yall end up getting the collectors edition content tho i did… ( i didnt buy CE edition)

Blame the guy, on here, who got $4 quintilian when transferring his account. :wink:

Let’s be real, it was inevitable there’d be issues like this.

Hey here is another question i wanna know…if you jump from 360 to X1 are you still able to jump back to the 360 or is it a permanent deal whatever system you jump to your stuck on that…and if you jump from 360 to PS4 are you able to still jump back to 360

That’s a good question, but I’d assume you could do so because Destiny works that way with its content.

What I’m curious to know is how do the achievements work. Do they transfer from X360 to X1 without having to redo everything or do you actually have to grind out everything again? (other than GTA: Online stuff since that stuff transfers)

…I’m just asking because it seems as if achievements earned on the X360 don’t transfer over to X1 version of Destiny even though all of ones content does. (ex: My buddy earned the “Notorious” and “Relic Hunter” achievements while on the X360 and they haven’t seemed to unlock or pop when he got back onto his X1.)