Router causing a loss in speed?

So I have Comcast and the Blast! Pro plan which is 200mb/s speeds, well since the upgrade I have only been getting 100mb/s, but didn’t look into it until now.

I thought maybe it was my modem since I had the SB6121 and that could only go up to 172mb/s, so I bought the SB6183 to get the most out of my plan. I am still only getting 100mb/s so I directly connected my PC to my modem and got 240mb/s consistently, but like most people, I need the wifi in my home.

So my router seems to be the culprit of my slower speeds, I have the ASUS RT-AC66R and it has the 1GB WAN port so I’m not sure on what the issue could be.

On your ASUS router admin page, go to Advanced > Miscellaneous > WAN Port Speed. Is it set to 100 or 1000 or auto? Also, disable QOS for now to simplify the trouble shooting.

You may also want to try changing CTF in the router to see if that helps alleviate the problems.

Additionally, some of the ASUS routers in the past have had issues with certain versions of the surfboard modems causing similar issues (but I’d imagine they’ve been fixed since then). Also keep in mind that the router isn’t really made for higher speeds. It has a weak CPU and really chokes on the higher end of the speed spectrum but it really shouldn’t be an issue for the speeds you want.

As a note, in the event that the router is to blame, you don’t need to replace it. Simply picking up a cheap 4 port gig switch, you can just drop it in between your Surfboard and your computer and router.

it might have to do more with the physical ethernet port capability on your computer the average computer has 10/100 and not 10/100/1000 also your router is a gigabit not gigabyte(common misunderstanding not your fault ;)) but yeah instead of checking the router setting which is most unlikely the culprit check whether or not your ethernet port on your computer/laptop whatever you have to see if its compatible with 10/100/1000 if it is then right click your internet icon on bototm right of taskbar click open network and sharing center on the window that appears look for the options that says change adapter settings then right click on the active ethernet adapter that says local area connection click properties on the window that appears on that window first check to see if both ipv4 and ipv6 are checked ipv6 is less congested than ipv4 but most sites still are on the ipv4 network if they are both checked should be a button that says configue on that page click it on the window that appears go to advanced tab and scroll down till you see the option Speed & Duplex click that then on right u should see Value make sure it says 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex or 1Gbps Full Duplex if it doesnt click on it to change it to the highest speed Full Duplex

So changing it to full duplex has changed the speed by a good margin.
Went from a constant 90-105mb/s to 150+ consistently!
Used to peak at around 13.X on Steam as well.

Obv I’m not gonna get 200mb/s all the time, but this is still much better than before! Thank you!

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Since when is Blast Pro 200? Thought it was 150 or 125. That’s the plan I used to have when I had Comcast. Must be different with location.

no prob glad i could help i tinker with my own internet settings and adapters and cable modems for bout almost 5 years now so ive learned alot i usually find online how to’s are usually inconsistant or just not understandable so i usually just tinker with stuff till it works ive always been a hands on person so ive always learned better from hands on experience instead of “dumb books” lol :smile: , and ive tinkered with computers since i accidently broke my first one when i was 6 oops lol after that i was like i wanna “be one with computers and games” so the majority of the stuff i know was self taught from trial and error