Sacred 2 mod tool

Game Title: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Game ID: 4B4D07D1

Mods Wanted: To be able to edit the amount of runes on your combat arts and an inventory editor also a level editor for it as well. just pretty much the same mods as in this video


Modded save: The Tech Game - Sacred 2 level 110 hunting dryade

Can’t find a clean save yet but when I find 1 I’ll update this

Tool’s Name or Add On: Sacred 2 fallen angel

Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible):

It’s a great game and would be even better if it had an editor as you can go online and do PvP so with this editor you could make an extremely overpowered character in a few minutes instead of hours doing it legit. I’ll happily pay for premium if this is brought out and I’m sure others will as people are signing up to SAIO for $10 a month just for that modding tool. There is already a modding tool for this on TTG but its not really that good and not even close to SAIO.

The reason I want this to be on horizon is because I know if I bought premium SAIO I would never actually use the forum and just use the modding tool where as the community here is much better.

Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)? SAIO Custom Pages - SAIO Download

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FYI, if you did not knwo they are a couple of saves on Modio you can load up, get the hacked items and give them to your character, Rings that give +434545% EXP per kill

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All hacked items are for like lvl 100 I’ve got them and there is no editors for how many runes are applied in combat arts which I think would be the best editor as it could make you 1shot people online

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No they are not all 100 requirements, the lowest is like a 5 for the EXP rings

Also the editor is not probable that we will get one.

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You know any saves where like a lvl 1 has thousands of points in his combat arts or attributes? why I prefer an editor as I don’t want to be lvl 200 like the pre modded game saves

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i have one some of the points are already added in so all the stats are hacked the combat arts some are set some arent has the max points all the passive skill selects whatever there called like dual wield and sword weapons etc are picked put the characters are level 1 except 1 lvl 138 but thats diffrent buncha crap gear and u have to go through each inventory to find the goodies same with the treasure chest if u want me 2 put it up i can

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Hello guys, i need help… i play in Xbox One, but i need stuff modded.
I know you have to play on 360, unfortunately I can’t find a functional save editor in 2023, someone would still have access to this? I contact everywhere but no answers… I can be reached on the Xbox one NathLaBatter

I will buy an xbox 360 if a software and still functional*