Safe to update & play Black Ops 3?

I download and burned Black Ops 3 last night, and whenever I started the game it says that there’s an update. Should I wait until the 6th to update and play it?

Those are normally Day-One patches. I wouldn’t worry too much, I have played lots of games before their “official” release with no repercussions. If you plan to play multiplayer though, I will think twice about it unless you are used to starting fresh accounts and replacing KVs… Campaign should be fine though!

1 day before release you’ll be fine…

I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine, it’s already released in New Zealand. The embargo has been lifted, people are able to live stream it. So you’re fine :smile:

There is no campaign. Only Zombies and MP and both require you to be online.

Oh yeah, Your absolutely right! I forgot there is no campaign for the last-generation of consoles.

Please disregard my previous comment then.