Saints Row 2 Modz

Is there any Saints Row 2 tools out there that allow you to mod your gamesaves, garage, and stats? I dont use XB36HAZARD’s or any other existing tools because it either doesn’t work or its outdated and not for the latest patch of Saints Row 2 and haves various bugs that can corrupt your gamesaves. I want a new up to date tool that can allow you to mod/edit Saints Row 2 gamesaves efficiently. I suggest to start making a SR2 garage editor since there is none out there. Be the first to make these tools for the Xbox 360 modding & Saints Row community. Thanks.

Updated Saints Row 2 Save Editor coming in the new update. Update is still in progress, no ETA on release date. SaintsRowMods Post


okay wow. I didn’t know you still supported your saints row tool till now. I’m guessing you fixed all the issues that previously was present. I hope this new update fixes your gamesaves from being vulnerable to corrupt. I’m astonished with the screenshots you’re are showing me & others. This haves a lot of potential to be the #1 Saints Row tool we never had. Ooo and I saw that you added a garage editor to your tool, now I’m very happy to see that. You just made my day & hopes rise. By the way I apologize for saying that I don’t use your tool if it was poorly made. Its a good tool for what it suppose to be and serve its purpose. It just I personally had problems with it and don’t mean to offend you making it seem your tool was bad. Anyway, I’m hyped about this new update. Thank you for updating me because I wasn’t aware that this was a thing till you showed me something.