Saints Row 3 How Do I Get Rid Of The Zombies?

Well the title says it all, How Do I Get Rid Of The Zombies?
ive beaten the game and its kada getting old ever time i pass that place, can i get rid of them?

You cant get rid of them.

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Well gess ill just have to be stuck with em, wolf you on saints now?

Nah not right now.

yeah you cant get rid of them but… if you want the whole city of Steelport to become zombie infested go to the cheats part of your phone and type in brains

NOTE: doing so will disable all achievements from being unlockable so dont save if you do it or save if you dont care (:

Doesn’t choosing the option to drive the truck into the water get rid of the zombies?

i believe so but i chose to keep the truck to be able to call in like 5 zombies as homies :laughing:

No. The zombies are still sectioned off on that island.