Saints Row 3 Initiation Station Demo - Get your own code

Link: GameSpot Demo :: Saints Row: The Third

Sign up, sign in then put an age over 18 and you should get a code.

Thank you for sharing this!

Awesome! Already had an account, made things a lot easier. Thanks for the share!

I just got mine… Wait… the Demo is out now?

Erm, I don’t think it’s a demo as in you can play…some character creation thing, pretty fun :stuck_out_tongue: .

The Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station Demo allows you to create your perfect avatar ahead of release so you can get going the instant you have the game. Paired with the Saints Row: The Third community site, you can upload your own creations as well as view and download other player’s creations to your console. Feel like playing as an overweight clown one day and a cowboy cheerleader the next? So be it.

Starting November 3rd, the 100 best characters as determined by THQ will be put into an all-out battle royale in the King of Saints Character Battle. When the dust has settled on November 9th, the most popular character as determined by your votes will be featured on the Saints Row: The Third community website and within the game!

… It’s just a character customizer?.. Why did I waste my time signing up lol it takes 2 seconds to make a character

It takes less then 2 minutes to sign up, there’s A LOT you can do to edit your character and it’s pretty fun. If you don’t want to do it, simply don’t…why be negative about something free?

wow i love you no homo

I’m not? It’s an amazing thing called sarcasm lol… Thank for the code I was just stating my opinion.

Well, lesson your opinions enthusiasm next time…kind of confusing :worried:.

If anyone wants to know anything about it look here

Thanks Kink I was wanting to get it early instead of waiting :smiley: Now I can start my guy :laughing:

For some reason I cannot use the code, so… I’ll save somebody some work.

Open Me

[details=Open Me][details=Open Me]7F23Y-VJMRJ-F7VG3-HWYYP-MDR4Z[/details][/details]

Very nice! Thanks I love saints row!

wait its not a damo ??? all i got to do was make a guy

The last time I logged into my Gamespot account was like 4 or 5 years ago lol. Thanks for showing me this, got my password on the second try. :wink:

Is it an actual demo? I want to try it before I buy it so…

I don’t think it’s actual gameplay.

No it’s where you can create your player and you will be able to use the guy when the game releases It’s still something cool to play with and already have your guy made :smile:

thanks i completely forgot about this

Just got it, thanks :wink: