Saints Row IV: Gangster challenge save!

Hello! Today I am releasing my gangster save for the Xbox 360, I call this the gangster save as you and you’re homies (apart from the guys from Enter The Dominatrix) will have no superpowers! I did have to mod this save as I have all the old Saints Row and Saints Row 2 homies without making the Saints Row IV wear them annoying suits and have their powers. This save Includes:

  • Most of the classic gang vehicles,
  • Johnny, Shaundi, Pierce, Kinzie, Ben, Keith (Had to make him have superpowers but he is the only one with them), Asha, Matt, C.I.D, ‘classic’ Shaundi, Tanya, Julius, Maero, Roddy, and some dlc ones that cannot be used during the challenge,
  • My Saints Row 2 character so she looks like kind of a gangster,
  • Realistic weapons,
  • Still have to buy ammo,
  • Your sprint CAN run out.

The rules are simple: Phone characters from Saints row 1-2 (Yes you can still phone Ben, Johnny etc.), don’t buy any more upgrades, don’t do any quests and finally just try to survive.


Download link: