Saints Row IV

Figure I would ask here since the trainer post is locked. I wanted to make sure that it is still having the same issue as some were reporting back in october of last year. The trainer was working at some point but now just crashes the game whenever its launched from the trainer itself. Followed the support the app gave in whitelisting the app but no luck. crashes 10 seconds in when it starts up the game in general. The game is the steam version and not GOG. Dont really know what else to do to fix it sadly. any possible help would be amazing. The game launches fine from steam but when launched from infinity it will crash saying it cannot load the cheats for this selected game.

Seeing as stn locked the thread because of a reason and didn’t change that I would say nothing has changed since then. I could be wrong though.

Though you could just start the game from steam and attach infinity afterwards might solve it might now

i already tried. once i launch game via steam then click play on infinity it crashes literally 4 seconds after i click start on infinity. idk what else to do. all it says is to disable anti virus or white list infinity. did both and still no change. keeps giving me same error.

Then the error hasn’t been fixed yet nothing you can do but to wait

is there anyone specific that could look at the error by chance? Or can only STN fix it?

Since the problem is that the game hates the protection infinity uses only STN or Frank can fix it

@STN or @frank any possible help by chance or is hope lost for this game to become compatible again?

It’s @frank’s area. The trainer works fine if the game stops crashing

After the game crashes, go to Settings in Infinity, Save Logs, and upload the log file here or in a message to me. Thanks!

i had the issue with a crash myself, i’ll be testing this the next time i play the game. :slight_smile:

@frank here you go. Infinity.log (16.5 KB)

ill also message it to you just in case this one doesnt load.

Infinity is failing to inject the trainer into the game. This mostly only happens when the game is running as admin and Infinity is not (try running Infinity as admin), or if your anti-virus software is blocking it somehow.

just tried running infinity as admin. still crashes. anti virus is disabled to. heres the log for running in admin and anti virus disabled. dont know if it will be the same as the other one. Infinity.log (16.5 KB)

also ran the game and infinity as admin and its still crashing the game as soon as i click play in infinity.

@frank tried again and still nothing. tried running both as admin.

is there another work around or is it infinity all together? i ran infinity and the game both run as admin with no antivirus on the machine and its still crashing the game. clean machine with fresh install of windows 10.

My game has not been working either

just wanted to give yall a heads up. even after recent update to infinity game still crashes.
@frank @STN

i feel like im missing something, On infinity Saints row 4 trainer was updated 4 days ago. But game still crashes. What am I missing x.x…

Some behind the scenes thingy, wasn’t supposed to be a fix for this trainer.

Dang. I got really excited there for a second T__T