Samplez Signature & Avatar Shop! [C4D]

Hey XboxMB!
I will be making free signatures & avatars for you guys.

However, you are required to have a minimum of 100 posts only reason is to show that you have contributed/stayed active to the community a fair amount.

Each Signature may take about 5 - 10 minutes.
Each Avatar may take about 5.

Signatures can be any text you want it to be.
Avatars, however, have to be you’r username initials or initials of anything you want.

If you would like one of these signatures/avatars, please complete the form below!

Please note that I will only be giving you the PNG, as editing the signature would take ages to finish everyone’s.
This is for the benefit of me & you. I am practicing new things in Cinema 4D while you get the product.

Please provide which font you would like & the colors for you’r text. It can be two different colors on the text.

[u]Remember that the avatars can only be initials for obvious reasons & the signature can be any text, if you request more than 10 characters, the signature text may be a little small.

The dimensions for signatures will be what XboxMB limits. Same rule applies to the avatars.[/u]

Signature or Avatar:
Text Color (Can be two colors):
Extras (Leave blank if none are desired):

Please do not rush me while I’m making these. They will be in high quality such as my signature.

[size=30]Waiting List (strike = completed):

  • dcskill
  • Virus
  • Zombies
  • Lawl
  • Skill
  • zK OpTiiMuS
  • UnderCoverUZI
  • Zebras of Doom
  • 8Bit



Open Me

Make me an avatar.
Text: dc
Color: Neon Blue and black
Font: not a ****ty one

Trying to find a good font.
Try to specify one?

Signature or Avatar: Signature
Text: Virus
Text Color (Can be two colors): Pink for the outline, Black for the inside color.
Font: Your avatar’s font.
Extras: I <3 you. :smile:


I tried my best with the font. ;/
Couldn’t find a good one.

I know this is not following the form but its for a reason…

Could I have one like this but saying Zombies?

You choose the colors.

I’ll try to match the font as close as possible.

Thank you very much!

I believe the font is something close to Bebas Neu.

Signature or Avatar: Signature Please
Text:Lawl XMB
Text Color (Can be two colors):Blue and Black
Font: I dont know any. :confused:
Extras (Leave blank if none are desired):Can you do text like this? Make sure it’s actual sig size please so it doesn’t resize like yours did

Signature or Avatar: Signature.
Text: Skill
Text Color (Can be two colors): Green (preferably the color of my avatar)
Font: Like yours.
Extras (Leave blank if none are desired): Make sure it’s actual sig size please so it doesn’t resize like yours did :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks <3

Thanks bro, looks sick! Legit.

Tried my best to match it as close as possible:

ZombiesSig.png picture by x_InS4NiiTy_ii - Photobucket

I can but that is on Photoshop, I am only doing C4D.

LawlXMBSig.png picture by x_InS4NiiTy_ii - Photobucket

Which font, the one in my sig or avatar?

That looks awesome!! Can I change my request to have mine like his but with green instead of red?

Read what I just posted and could you please try to make it so it doesn’t resize itself

You sure can.

Skill.png picture by x_InS4NiiTy_ii - Photobucket

I really like it. Is there a way to change the colors though and resize. Im sorry to bother you like this. I love it just not the blue instead could i do orange and resize to fit my sig please.