Satisfactory Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

I am also having this very same issue

The game crash repeteatly

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the game still crash after few mins with the cheat activated

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Yes that is true, I think the engine crashes because of the old (older) softer and bad sync.

I currently have the same problem. If you managed to find a way out of it, please tell me!

Hello there! I have been having a problem similar to what jv6293 had described. I have a question tho, does the trainer work with cracked games? I am currently waiting for my birthday so I can buy the game but until then i have to pirate it. Anyways, does it work on cracked Satisfactory Early Access? WeMod does work on Raft, the pirated one tho. So I have no idea what might be causing this. I also connected WeMod with the correct game EXE.

The problem is I think the old peaces of software. The program is trying to anchor it self on the satisfactory code. The program is either missing something and crashing or its incompatible with the satisfactory code. This is just my opinion.


Just tested 11/23/21 None of them work

Trainer hasn’t been updated in a while is why

There hasn’t been a game update in a long time. The trainer is not for the experimental branch.

The Satisfactory cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

not working with 174799 epic version

The trainer is working fine for me. You are on the stable build and playing solo, correct?

yes solo and the stable build which in the game it says CL#174799 and that is with the epic launcher platform

Which cheats aren’t working and have you verified you have the newest trainer selected in the History tab?

im using version nov 27 2021. and the whole cheats are not working. The game always stays at Play even if its running. and when I click play it starts the client and gives me an error saying it was not able to start the game and goes back to play. But the game runs fine. The funny part is in my game my inventory size is huge and I do not take damage from attacks. But not cheats are running and using wemod ver v7.1.22

here is the version

Is there a reason you manually selected the exe?