Satisfactory Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

yes because if i remove it, it offers me to install, which when I click, redirects me to the epic client and it says its in my library. If you want we can do a remote desktop sharing session of your chosing and I can guide you into seeing what my bug is doing?

I got it working. I clicked play, it start the game giving me the error and then i click play again and its working. GO figure

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Not working for me, every mod instantly turns off ver:174799.261

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So is anyone going to respond???

Also not working for me too, immediately switches off when I switch cheats on. Running on early access 174799

Are you using the beta or stable version of WeMod? The trainer is 100% working on the newest update so the trainer creator can’t do anything about it not working for a few people.

Hi, I’m using stable I’ve even tried to reinstall Wemod but no luck every thing just instantly turns off.

I don’t get why it wouldn’t work for a few people if it does actually work.

The Satisfactory cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Still doesn’t work for me :unamused:

Same here; cheats immediately turn back off after activating.
I have reinstalled the game, as well as WeMod, with no success

Choose the right executable to hook, not FactoryGame.exe in the root of the gamedir, but FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe
in …\gamedir\engine\binaries\win64 instead and It will work.


Finally it works thanks so much dude :smiley:

Currently playing on dedicated server, cheats stay activated… Butt

unlimited health: shows as working and does work DOES NOT WORK AT ALL
Unlimited Items - ~~activated but does not work ~~ DOES NOT WORK AT ALL
Easy craft - Items show as being able to be built. resources show available. Item does not build

  • crafting materials shows crafting - no items go to inventory DOES NOT WORK AT ALL

Super Inventory - Still currently seeing if it works DOES NOT WORK AT ALL
One-Hit kill - Does not work DOES NOT WORK AT ALL
Instant pod return - still working on it

Any items still being observed will be updated

Unlimited Health stays active after deactivating.
Even after Shutting down wemod, restarting game without wemod started.

Once u activated unlimited health, it stays active for the rest of that game save, no matter if wemod is running or not.