Save file back up from March 2014. New Save file system isn't the same... =\

I HIGHLY doubt any of you are going to be stuck in the predicament I am, but BOY OH BOY does this throw a MONKEY WRENCH into the subject of Xbox 360 saved data. The Story:
So ever since I heard about the announcement of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, I thought about playing some Fable games I loved. As a preview member, my Xbox One proceeded to download Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie; two games I bought on XBL arcade on my old 360.

Upon loading up the game I immediately thought of one thing: save data. I sold my 360 to get a XB1 back in March of 2014, but before I sold it I was sure to back up it’s save data onto a USB drive and my computer. I found a YouTube video that explained all you have to do to get your save data to the One is to cloud save your X360. Being I didn’t have a Xbox 360 anymore, I turned to my trusty bud and put the files over Google Drive and allowed him to attempt to download my files to his 360, and cloud them over for me.

My friend ran into a world of problems. Not having done that before, it simply wouldn’t work for him. But we tried every effort we could imagine. I told a friend at work my troubles and he told me he’d bring me his 360 so I could borrow it and get it done. So I got home and yet again tried to do this damn thing to find out that between March 2014 and now, Microsoft completely changed the way the Xbox file system saves game data. Not knowing what else I could do I searched for a computer program that could possibly convert the files to usable files, NO DOUGH. My 200+ hours of Xbox 360 save game data is un-readable. I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out but I keep being shot down and it sucks. Just about ready to concede defeat…

I did a search for some older versions of Horizon and found a 2.4 version but it still won’t read my files. All I want to do is convert the files to the new format so I can cloud save my data to use on my One. If anyone has the previous version of Horizon please share.

You can not use the previous versions of horizon because microsoft changed the file structure (or something like that) a while ago.

oh, sorry, didn’t read enough. Is the xbox up-to-date?

Yes, the xbox 360 is up to date, so I went and did the whole LB, RB X, LB, RB, X trick to get it back to the way it was factory and it STILL won’t read my save files. I"m really frustrated by this. I just wish it would read my old files and convert them to the new one, or SOMETHING like that.

I’m confused about this “new format” you are referring to.
Microsoft NEVER EVER EVER would change something to break any old game saves. There have been small updates to the internal format of the save metadata, but it’s versioned to maintain compatibility with anything older.
If you have a save from a game you played back in 2005, it would still load perfectly fine on the latest dashboard version.

So this “new format” you are referring to is not what is causing the problem. Please explain your problem in more detail, and maybe upload some save files for us to look at.

That wasn’t a security change. Old USBs will still work just fine with that update.