Save file problem

long story short i have an important save file on my xbox hard drive not connected to any profile. what would be the best way to connect it to another profile

That is actually very easy to do. Put the save and the profile that you want to use it on onto your configured flash drive. Put flash drive in PC, open Horizon, look in device explorer, drag the save into the open grey area to the left, drag your profile out there too. Now you’re going to hover over the profile ID of you profile and right click and choose copy, now go to the profile ID of the save and right click and choose paste. Your console & device IDs should be the same since they were on the same Xbox, but check them anyway and copy and paste them if they’re different. Now choose to Save, Rehash & Resign by clicking that red button at the top of your save package, do it twice to be safe. Now you can move your save and profile back to your 360 and play that save on that profile. Good luck.


Yes but it won’t let me move it because it’s not attched to any profile

Have you tried to copy it to the flash drive?

Yes it sayes only the profile that the files where saved under can move them and thanks to Xbox support that profile no longer exists I need to get to the files on the HD and was wondering if the only way was to get one of those adapters which I can’t afford at the moment

Do you have a transfer cable that connects to your hard drive? If you do, or can borrow one that should solve your problem as you can hook your hard drive directly to your PC, and change the IDs.

no its a special cablei was hoping their was another way . I guess I’ll wait till I get paid and buy one. Thank you

What happened to the profile that the save belonged to? Do you not have the password to recover it from Xbox Live?

I didn’t but now I do and I’m doing it with a flash drive