Save or Download?

I recently broke my computer, and am stuck with the public library, which won’t let me download Horizon. However, I was able to save the Horizon application to the USB drive that I intended to download it to. I have already configured the USB drive to fit XBOX 360 requirements. So, is it possible that instead of having to download the file to the USB, I can simply take the saved application and put it directly on the Xbox? And if so, will that method work with mods too?

Horizon can only be ran on a PC running windows.

isn’t Horizon a mod tool for the Xbox? I thought infinity was the one for PC.

Yes it is for Xbox but it has to be used on your PC.

You might be able to “inject” a save using the windows explorer, the problem is that the save would be assigned to a profile you don’t have.

Mods on xbox 360 are complicated. Anything that adds something new or changes game files (excluding saves) requires a modded console to work . I would ask what type of mod you are looking for but I am guessing you don’t know either.