Save Sharer - First Peek

Been coding this for exactly 1 week. There’s NO ETA (again) :wink:

Only staff members can “Star” entries. Featured uploads will be for REALLY popular saves or GPDs. Most downloaded will be weekly.

The icons on the left of the entries change depending on the stats for that specific file.

The UI will probably change in the upcoming days, but not by much.

More screenshots will come soon :thumbsup:

First, you told me it was unique…boy you’re right.

Legendary! Can’t Wait!

I will come to your house and give you buttsecks for this.

Looks pretty beast yet another boss addition to Horizon :smiley:



Looks pretty damn good. Once more im so glad the GUI is different from the other typical sharers.

Edit: lol wow and i thought i was first.

It would be nice if you changed the document icon to the games icon or something, would look better :stuck_out_tongue: .


OT: Nice! < 3

It’s possible, but I don’t want the user downloading that much data every time they open the form.

Looks great! Good job devs on all the spectacular updates! Keep it up!

Wasn’t there a time when everyone was against save sharing because it always had stupid things?
Idea if its not already there:

Have it NOT except files that aren’t for xbox such as “png, jpeg, gimp”

wow you are just ****ting on other AIO modding applications ;D

I suppose, maybe icons corresponding with the save type…like modded, completed, achievement unlocks, etc?

I think the user should be responsible for that using the title and description.

For profiles, it doesn’t share the actual GPD. It only shares the settings that the game will load.

Edit: I thought you were referring to the icons to the left of the game name.

I am, just something when they’re uploading the gamesave to choose maybe a genre like thing.

Those icons, they just seem blan and just not supposed to be there to me tbh.

I’m pretty sure the program will check if it’s a valid CON file.

looks sexy. cant wait.

Horizon > Modio all day :smiley:

The entries in the right list (the one in the screenshot) are specific to the game you chose. The icons will change depending on what that entry’s stats are. Flame icon for a lot of downloads, etc. I think the genre thing would be a little too confusing and hard to maintain. Good idea though, didn’t even pass my mind O_o

Another Reason why i love this site. We are so much more organized and better than other modding sites lol.