Save Sharer - Second Peek

The list:

Viewing a save:


Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

I find this easy to masterbate to.

Does this come with a new pair of pants? I just ruined mine… :

Will you have to be signed in like modio to download a save?

Nice looks good, cant wait for release.


That looks sick as hell!

im confused… will you be able to use/upload files while not signed into horizon or will you be required to log in? edit: just read above post

and entering those “code’s” seem like it would be a little bit annoying …

other then that i love the look of it so far. Seems like it will be a great tool for Horizon :smile:

Cant wait…

stuff like this is what makes me proud to buy from xboxmb and makes me a proud user of horizon and pretty soon its gonna be the only program on my desktop, the only thing there is modio(for downloading saves)
and a few save editors.
way to go xboxmb staff! keep up the good work!

This is great, makes my weiner tingle.

this is going to be AWESOME!!

This is really looking great, good job! Can’t wait to use this!

This looks amazing!

One problems, what is zomies? Shoudn’t it be Zombies :smiley:

This. Is. Amazing.

Looks awesome, great job.

Looks very ‘Sexual’ Cheater, Thankyou

I won’t lie I got a bit of a boner when I seen this. I mean if their anything Horizon can’t do?

When saving to Device, how does it manage to change the IDs?

This thread seems to quite alot about Sex, or sexualy related. That is all.