Save your cheat-profile / settings for next round

An option so save profiles for a certain game, so on next startup you can either select a profile for a specific game


I like that idea @lr242! Some games do have a lot of options, so it would be nice to have a “save settings” feature if possible.

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I would definitely like that feature. It’s a bit of a pain going through so many button presses to set up the options they way you want them, especially with some games that have many options.

Even if it was a “save this profile” option at the top of the window. Even better if it could pass the same option configuration to an updated trainer when it becomes available.

This seems like a good idea. It depends on how well written the UI code is to support this. If it requires extensive rework then it might break the existing trainers. Future cheat modifications can be handled easily by locking the preset to the existing version of the cheat.

Man… Necromancing a two-year-old, dead thread. :confused: :laughing:

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