SaveEdit request

i dont know if anyone is still doing xbox 360 mods for skyrim but i thought id post here to try and get some help. i wanted to get my new save modded with nocturnal robes. i think i uploaded it right

if i can get nocturnal robes/hood (add them to Favorites please, the disappear otherwise right?)
and if i can get them enchanted i would like fortify magic regeneration and +hp on the robes and magic regeneration and +magic on the hood. a normal amount of enchant nothing crazy over powerd.
if you need anything else, just let me know

if this is not possible that’s fine to, thanks for your time…

if I recall correctly you can only equip the nocturnal robes. As soon as you change to something else they disappear. I don’t think favorites have anything to do with it.

thanks for the reply, that just means i have to avoid changing them? im fine with that if it is the case. the only things that would remove them is going into a wolf form, and i dont plan on doing the companions on this character, and avoid going to jail. thos are the only things that removes my clothing right?

yeah and some quests that demand that you change clothes… like the blades quests