SaveGame Request: State Of Decay

Can Some one mod my save to max everything. That would be awesome Thanks


You could always use the following
[SAVE] State of Decay - Ultimate Modded Start Save

Have you gotten it to work?

Well I don’t have a account on 360haven and the other save here has already been taken down

No, I just saw it and linked it, I haven’t even played the game yet xD

ooo yea i think that save is ****ed up i tried over 20 times now lol

The link is down


Sorry lol

can some one mod mine?

I don’t think anyone knows how too

The “ultimate save” at 360 works fine here. Some of the things have been reset though. Like stockpiles but you DO get to keep some of the weapons with 255 ammo in them and 255 cartridges in the inventory, makes the game ****loads easier.

can you send me the save then?

Hey Darn can you pm me the download link to it or upload load it at mediafire and post the link so we can all download it.

I uploaded the save to Modio a few weeks ago

GameTuts - State Of Decay Modded Start

Idle has given me permission to upload his save so I will be doing so in the next 30 minutes. Updating my thread and links currently.

I have a moded gamesave
( ON)

HERES THE MODED SAVES XBOX 360 Marcus: God mode + ultimate items starter save for state of decay.rar Maya: maya god mode+ stamina+ ultimate items starter save.rar