Score reset to 0 , and not banned

some bs u know
so i just mod my score up again?

When they catch you the first time they will reset your Gamerscore to 0. If you are caught again I believe they ban you(not sure on that).

You will no longer be able to earn cheevos on any game you have ever played/added since the reset. Modding it again would be a bad idea!

You can still earn achievements for the games you already have/had. It just can’t be any of the same ones unlocked previously.

Not worth the time IMO lol. Trying to figure out which ones you had so you know what to work for just isn’t worth it!

Oh absolutely. haha

Well I hope it’s taught you not to mod gamerscore excessively and follow instructions in the future, best bet would be just to make a new Xbox Live profile. :smile:

As ‘muffintastic’ said, you would be better off making a new x box live profile and next time you mod your gamerscore show a little bit of restraint.
Slow and steady wins the race or at least you have a better chance of it :thumbsup:

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